Bansko celebrates 3 July – International Day without Plastic Bags

Hotels and restaurants in the resort discontinue the use of plastic bags

“I do not use plastic bags” is the slogan Bansko will mark July 3 – the international day dedicated to the cause. The event will include a number of initiatives, part of the campaign “neRazdelno Bansko”, promoting the separate collection, recycling and composting of waste.

“Our goal is to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic bags on the territory of the municipality. As a resort that annually welcomes hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian and foreign guests, it is our duty to show that good examples can become sustainable practices. That is why, within the framework of the July 3 initiative, we have endeavored to include all – children, parents, shop owners, hotels and restaurants. I think the change is through the participation of every citizen, “said Georgi Ikonomov, Mayor of Bansko Municipality.

The event will take place at Nikola Vaptsarov Square in the resort from 10:00 am. The program of the day will include a children’s holiday with drawing.

Bansko Municipality has set itself the task of making the longest drawing in Bulgaria on “Green Ideas”. The necessary painting materials will be provided, and anyone under the age of 12 will be able to get involved by presenting their “green” picture to the world. There are gifts for the participants – attractive bags of cloth with the logo of “neRazdelno Bansko”, with which to buy in the future.

The municipality urges parents and relatives of children to talk to them about the damage from plastic bags and to encourage them to participate in the initiative, as well as to take responsibility for nature in their everyday life.

Within the framework of the event an agreement will be signed with the tourist business in the resort which provides for the termination of the use of plastic bags in the taverns and hotels. Even with the presentation of “neRazdelno Bansko” the business declared its willingness to participate in the campaign and even make further efforts towards reducing the waste.

On July 3, the “Do not use plastic bags” initiative plans to include grocery stores. Affiliated stores will restrict the sale and supply of material that is harmful to nature by encouraging customers to use their reusable bag or offer paper.

“According to the National Statistics, every Bulgarian person uses 400 bags a year – a figure that, instead of decreasing, grows by 30% every year. We all understand the convenience of plastic bags, but it is short-lived – usually we throw them out shortly after use. At the same time we know how slowly they break down and what damage they bring to nature. That is why we want to call on people to restrict this use. As the slogan of “neRazdelno Bansko” says – it’s easier than it looks, “Ikonomov says.

Follow and join the International Day without Plastic Bags at https://www.facebook.com/events/837693483267371/

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