Bansko municipality with the ambition to become a leader in the recycling and composting of waste

The ambition of the municipality is over 1200 households and 50 businesses - to be actively involved in the initiatives
Bansko, 03.06.2019- On the occasion of a public discussion with the participation of business, education, cultural institutions and citizens, the Annual Program of Bansko Municipality for separate waste collection was presented. The purpose of its initiatives is to raise citizens’ awareness of the topic, encourage them to restrict the use of packaging and non-recyclable materials and stimulate the separate collection of plastic, metal, paper, glass , as well as plant waste.
“Our main goal is to reduce the footprint we leave on nature with garbage. And to teach everyone – from the children to the employees in the restaurants and hotels that it is not as difficult as it seems to be collected and disposed of separately, “commented Georgi Ikonomov, Mayor of Bansko Municipality. “Our second motive is the positive economic effect that we can achieve. We made a morphological analysis of the garbage that we landed and it turned out that we dispose of too many resources – plant waste suitable for composting and recycled glass and paper but irretrievably lost because of pollution from general food waste. For plastic we want to think even more – in the direction of its limitation, “Ikonomov added.
In 2018, a small municipality like Bansko has paid nearly 1 million for environmental taxes. Even the minimal reduction of household waste by 10% will save 100 000 BGN, which the municipal administration plans to invest in landscaping and enrichment of the urban environment.
The campaign “neRazdelno Bansko”, under whose hat will be implemented the initiatives of the annual program, starts today with a public discussion with the potential partners and providing information materials to the citizens. During the event, participants received green eco bags. The grasses, branches, flowers from the yards of the inhabitants collected and handed over for composting in 2018 are nearly 10 tonnes, with just over 100 households participating in the initiative. Seven tonnes of paper and paper, slightly over 3 tons of plastic and metal, and 7.5 tons of glass were ejected and recycled in separate collection vessels.
“We have achieved these results with minimal effort without engaging the community or the business purposefully. We believe that by combining efforts and having a clear program, we will turn Bansko into an example. As a leading resort, we also have a further responsibility – to testify to our foreign guests the presence of public values ​​and civic engagement, “Ikonomov said.
The municipality’s proposal to the business includes a call for the start-up of separate waste collection programs for hotels and restaurants; to significantly limit (until termination) the service of water from plastic bottles and their replacement with glass. The call also concerns the separate collection of all glass bottles that have so far been disposed of in general rubbish and ending the use of plastic bags that are used to pack food.
The representatives of the business on the territory of the Municipality declared their readiness not only to make public commitment, but also to make additional efforts towards reducing the waste. They pointed out that the image of Bansko depends to a great extent on their work, as they welcome, serve and accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the year, which leaves a trace of the nature. This forces them to think long-term and in the spirit of green policies, they commented on the discussion. They also actively participated in the information and education campaign to teach their children the care of the environment in which they grow.
Support for and active participation in the campaign was also declared by the director of the Pirin National Park Rosen Banovski, the directors of the schools in the town and the management of the Telephone Equipment Plant in Bansko.
The whole campaign can be traced back to the Facebook page: neRazdelno Bansko

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