for business


for business
The campaign aims to engage the business in Bansko for the separate disposal of waste and the restriction of the use of plastic products.

No plastic bags

Every commercial object and restaurant can be included in the campaign “neRazdelno Bansko” by suspending or limiting the use of plastic bags.
The Municipality of Bansko, through the Social Enterprise, allows for preferential prices for the purchase of paper bags to replace those of polyethylene.

Sorting and separate disposal of waste

Hotels and restaurants can dispose of glass bottles at designated locations to reduce the garbage generated from the site. Bansko municipality optimizes separate disposal points for maximum ease of ownership.
Supermarkets can be switched on by folding cartons and cartons and re-throwing them into the containers.
See the map.

Glass instead of plastic

Restaurants can limit or stop the entire serving of water in plastic bottles and replace them with reusable glass bottles.

What is ahead?

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